Multiprocess Additive Manufacturing

Discover our expertise in the field of additive design and multiprocess technologies.

At AlgoTech, we combine the precision of engineering with the innovation of additive manufacturing processes. We offer you customized and cutting-edge solutions for the creation of complex components, ensuring optimal flexibility and quality.

Our team of experts is at your disposal to support you from the design to the execution of your projects, big or small.

Support and Co-development

  • Feasibility Study: Detailed analysis of the design for adaptation to additive manufacturing processes.

  • Design Optimization: 
    Use of advanced software for the design and improvement of complex geometries. 

  • Personalized Monitoring: Continuous support throughout the project for flexible and responsive adaptation to changes.

  • Laboratory Validation: 
    Our 3D printed parts undergo rigorous laboratory testing to ensure their performance in real operating conditions.  
Design and Modeling

  • Advanced 3D Modeling: Creation of precise 3D models for additive manufacturing.

  • Process Simulation: 
    Previewing and adjusting production parameters to ensure the best quality.

  • Precise Design for Rigorous Testing: We create parts that are not only suited to production requirements but also designed to facilitate laboratory testing and analysis.
Manufacturing and Rapid Prototyping

  • Multi-material 3D Printing: Production of parts using different materials for optimal results.

  • Post-Processing: Surface finishing techniques to meet the required aesthetic and functional specifications.

  • Prototyping for Experimentation: 3D printing enables rapid prototype provide for lab tests, speeding up innovation.
Deployment and Integration

  • Performance Testing: 
    Rigorous evaluation of manufactured parts to ensure their compliance and functionality.

  • System Integration: 
    Assistance with the integration of components within existing or new systems.

  •  At the Heart of Laboratory Innovations: Our 3D printed components are essential for validating biotechnological processes before large-scale production.