Engineering Department Automation/Electronics

Discover our expertise in the field of automation and electronics.

At Algo-Tech, we are dedicated to providing innovative and customized automation and electronic solutions tailored to your specific needs, whether in the field of digital or analog, to optimize your process.  

Our team of experts is at your disposal to accompany you from the design to the implementation of your electronic and automation projects, big or small.

Support and Co-development

  • Support and Development in Automation and Electronic Boards: Assistance in the design and development of automations and electronic boards, tailored to the specific needs of each client.


  • Assistance with Writing the Specifications: Support in formulating the specifications, ensuring that all needs and technical specifications are clearly defined.

  • Continuous Monitoring: Support throughout the project for the design of electronic boards and process automation.
Design and Programming

  • Electronic-Electrical Diagrams: Creation of detailed diagrams for electronic and electrical components.

  • PCB Layout: Design of the layout for printed circuit boards (PCB).

  • PLC Programming: Development of programs for the management of PLCs.
Manufacturing, Assembly, and Commissioning

  • Manufacturing of Electronic Boards and Debugging: Production of electronic boards and identification and resolution of technical problems.

  • Manufacturing and Assembly of PLCs: Complete construction and assembly of PLCs.
On-Site Deployment

  • Installation of Electronic Boards: Setting up and configuring electronic boards at the client's site.

  • Installation and Qualification of PLCs: On-site installation of PLCs with verification and validation of their operation.